PTO Openings for 2018-2019!

Silver Lake Middle School PTO has A LOT of open positions next year. Please consider volunteering your time. Many hands might the load lighter. This past school year 1% of the student's parents were involved in PTO. PTO meetings are the first Monday of each month at 7 pm in the Middle School Library. This is the nomination form and a description of the open positions. To nominate yourself, or others, please email the nomination form to Katie Berry at

Board Members:
President: Katie Berry, Halifax
Vice-President: open
Treasurer: Margaret McCarthy, Halifax
Secretary: open

Non-Board Members:
Communications Chairperson: open
Fundraising Chairperson: open
Apparel Chairperson: Pam Quinn, Kingston
Back To School Night Chairperson: open
Welcome Back Dance Chairperson: open
Holiday Head Start Chairperson: open
March Madness Chairperson: open
Staff Appreciation Luncheon Chairperson: open
8th Grade Field Day Chairperson: open
8th Grade Farewell Dance Chairperson: open

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Upcoming Events!

  • May 19&20 – Marry Poppins presented by Drama Club
  • May 30&31 – Chorus and Band Concerts with 7&8 grades
  • June 1&2 – Great Music Festival
  • June 8 -Step up day (6th to 7th; 8th to 9th)
  • June 15 – 8th Grade dance
  • June 18 – Evening of Excellence (recognizes 8th graders for 2 years of academic excellence)
  • June 21- Grade 8 Field Day
  • June 21 - Movie Night

Did You Know?

  • PTO meets the first Monday of every month at 7pm in the SLRMS library.
  • Any parent/guardian can attend a PTO meeting, not just board members. We need non-board members to attend and vote on how to spend PTO funds.
  • PTO tries to raise $25,000 every year to fund requested field trips, events, and learning enrichment but sometimes that is still not enough to fund all.
  • PTO receives money when you register your Stop & Shop card and it costs you $0.00! Cool, huh?
  • PTO holds events during the year that need volunteer support. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents, students, and staff in our regional school district. Volunteers must be CORI/SORI certified by the school before volunteering. There are many ways to help with an event even if you work full time.

Meeting Minutes

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