7th Grade Co-Chair and Vice-President
- Katie Berry 8th Grade Co-Chair and President - Peggy Frost
Apparel Fundraising Coordinator - Pam Quinn Communications Coordinator - Melissa Singletary Jackson

Fundraising Coordinator
Jacki Creed Ebone Secretary - Jessica Gouveia Treasurer - Margaret McCarthy

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Upcoming Events!
11/27 - Apparel sales for Silver Lake Middle merchandise closes
11/28 - Head Start Holiday Party meeting, 2-4 pm. Volunteers needed!
12/2 & 12/3 - Red Card sales at the MS Drama Club's production of "Grunch"
12/5 - Craft day for Head Start Holiday Party, 2-4 pm. Volunteers needed!
12/7 - Head Start Holiday Party! 2-5 pm. Volunteers needed!
12/12 & 12/13 - Red Card sales at Chorus/Band Concerts
1/3/2018 - PTO Meeting, 7 pm (please note there is no December meeting)

Silver Lake Red Card

The SLRMS Red Card is now available! For $10, the Red Card offers discounts at 21 local businesses, including (but not limited to) discounts at local restaurants such as Cancun Mexican Restaurant, Carmela's, Cravings, and Bertuccis, discounts on auto services such as car washes, detailing, and servicing, and much much more.

At $10, with a few uses, the card pays for itself! Please follow our Facebook page for up to date information on where the Red Card will be sold!

Did You Know?

  • PTO meets the first Monday of every month at 7pm in the SLRMS library.
  • Any parent/guardian can attend a PTO meeting, not just board members. We need non-board members to attend and vote on how to spend PTO funds.
  • PTO tries to raise $25,000 every year to fund requested field trips, events, and learning enrichment but sometimes that is still not enough to fund all.
  • PTO receives money when you register your Stop & Shop card and it costs you $0.00! Cool, huh?
  • PTO holds events during the year that need volunteer support. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents, students, and staff in our regional school district. Volunteers must be CORI/SORI certified by the school before volunteering. There are many ways to help with an event even if you work full time.

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